About Duffy Construction Custom Homes

While many people feel like building a new home is too confusing and too challenging, at Duffy Construction Custom Homes, we help make building your new custom home efficient, rewarding and fun. We understand that with our proper guidance and with our expert team we can definitely build your beautiful custom home. We recognize that you are truly investing in bringing your family and friends into your dream home to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

Life is too short to live in an environment you are not thrilled with. Save time, avoid frustration and save time and money when you entrust Duffy Construction Custom Homes to build your new custom home.

Our expert, friendly and flexible team is here to guide you every step of the way.  We strive to make the building process as stress-free as possible.  From brilliant designers to land surveyors to structural engineers to adept architects to our distinguished craftsmen, our team will help you build efficiently and cost effectively. Our team is eager to intently listen to your ideas and help bring your desires to fruition.

We look forward to learning more about what you want in your dream home during your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. 

We care about your home & we care about you.

About Pat Duffy

Pat is a 35 year construction professional who has worked on everything from some of the biggest commercial jobs in 4 states to building and remodeling all types of homes. His aptitude for construction showed itself early in his career when it only took 6 months from serving his apprenticeship and to running his first job. He has always had a knack for problem solving and was widely sought after over his career for his ability to visualize and complete very difficult design work. There are very few challenges that he is unable to tackle which led him to be recruited to several successful drag race teams as a troubleshooter. This really fed into his long love of sports including racing, golf, and lifelong love of the Chicago Bears. In his spare time he works on his golf game and is a great source of assistance and mentorship to a very large group of friends.

About Brendan Duffy

Brendan is a Navy veteran and 25 year sales professional. He spent 15 years as a financial professional and 10 years as a recruiter and sales manager for one of the most successful business and sales consultant companies in North America working exclusively with independent automotive repair shops all over the US and Canada. Over his career he has learned what is required to be successful in business. His passionate advocacy for small business owners translated to a desire to have his own business. As a single parent most of his spare time is spent helping his son make a transition to success as a young adult.

Combining Forces In 2016

In early 2016 Pat and Brendan combined forces to build a construction company with quality at its core. Whether it is remodeling homes, commercial projects, or building  houses their commitment is always to bring the project to completion with the highest standards. Client satisfaction is always paramount from design to the day they walk off the job at the end. Through all of the challenges of every construction endeavor the brothers make sure that communication is consistent and the end result is a happy overall experience for everyone.

Clear Communication

Expert Guidance



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Core Values

We Are Client Focused

Duffy Construction Custom Homes revolves around putting you first and exceeding your expectations. We do what we say we are going to do and strive to go above and beyond for you. From clean job sites to providing careful guidance every step of the way, we build your home like it was ours.

We are Easy to Communicate With

From email to texts to phone calls to zoom meetings we leverage technology to be as responsive as possible. We understand that your time is extremely valuable. We also are flexible to your changes throughout the process. We adapt and provide solutions to any and all challenges.

We Provide a Personal Touch

We understand that your new custom home deserves special attention. You are unique. We are glad to provide you with personalized guidance throughout the process. We will help make the building process as simple and rewarding as possible.

We Are Committed to Innovation & Excellence

While quality workmanship is a constant at Duffy Construction Custom Homes we are also innovative in new building techniques. We stay on top of trends and technology. We bring you a multitude of options that will help you live in the home of your dreams for years to come.